We provide elective placements for students studying medicine, nursing, midwifery, nutrition and occupational therapy. We also provide volunteering opportunities for those interested in following a career in these professions and for those already qualified. Our current placement programme covers:

  • Medical Electives – which cover medicine, nursing, nutrition and occupational therapy.
  • Medical Students volunteering – for those interested in learning and gaining experience in their chosen field in a developing country and in helping the local communities with their knowledge and skills.
  • Medical professionals volunteering – all medically qualified people who wish to take part in voluntary work in a developing country to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the wider world and/or to share their expertise with the local communities.
  • Midwifery Electives and Volunteering – For those training to be a midwife who are looking for a medical elective abroad and for students who are interested in a career in midwifery, we have placements to offer where you will gain valuable experience.

Through our close associations with local hospitals and our experience of being the leading partner in setting up and running temporary medical clinics in remote rural locations, we have unrivalled opportunities for medical students to experience a wide range of learning opportunities. You will be able to work alongside medical professionals in St Mary’s Hospital in Mumias where resources are limited and staffing levels poor.

£500 Fundraising for The Nasio Trust (*Non-refundable in the event of a cancellation) £60 a day to cover all Food, activities & accommodation
Pre-travel support from the UK team Location support from our Kenya team
All internal transport, airport transfers and travel 24-hour emergency back-up from our local staff
Private security throughout your stay
International and domestic air-fares & Travel Visa Vaccinations & Anti-Malarials
Extra Drinks, Tips & Souvenirs Personal Medical & Travel Insurance
COSTS We ask for a 10% deposit when you book and the full remaining balance must be paid 4 weeks prior to your travel date. Your remaining balance can be paid online with our secure booking system at any time.

Your trip cost also includes a minimum £500 donation for the Nasio Trust which we use to continue our work. If you’d like to donate more – just let us know.

You can extend your trip (after the first 14 days) for just £150 per week. Contact us for info.

Tour Reviews

May 30, 2017

I was astounded by the positivity and energy of these wonderful children. They have so little: the clothes on their back (often dirty and torn), the shoes on their feet, and a roof over their heads which may leak when it rains. Most have horrific pasts, which range from abandonment, to witnessing their parents murder, to HIV infection. And yet they are happy. They lack the possessions and privileges that children from New Zealand are born into, but they live their lives with enthusiasm, friendship and hope.

May 30, 2017

From the word go we were made to feel welcome and that our being there was really making a difference. The families and guardians I met, whose children attend the day care centres were truly appreciative of the work we did and of Nasios’ ongoing involvement in the area.

Having previously volunteered with other organisations I was impressed with Nasio from the start. I had the opportunity to meet other members of the team in a ‘before you travel’ meeting and on arrival in Musanda there was a welcome pack ready and waiting for me on my bed. Overall my experience volunteering with Nasio was incredibly positive and I can’t wait to go back!

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