The chief’s guesthouse in Musanda sleeps up to 45 people, 20 in the main house, and 25 in surrounding buildings.

Security for our guests is an absolute priority. We have one security guard on duty during the day, and four at night. The gates to the guesthouse are locked at 6.30PM and are opened again at 6.30AM.

All guests are provided with clean, bottled drinking water from a dispenser during their stay. This should be regularly refilled.

Three meals a day are included in your package – breakfast, lunch and dinner. When you are at the guesthouse, meals will be served in the dining room. When you are off-site at lunchtime, food will be arranged for you at the location of your day’s work. Our kitchen staff are very used to cooking for both Kenyan and Western tastes – so you should find a good mix of new dishes to try alongside favourites from home!

The guesthouse has electricity, however power comes and goes quite often so be prepared for power cuts! If power suddenly does go don’t panic, there are solar-powered ‘D-Lights’ in the guest house.

Water for washing comes from a nearby bore hole and also from rainwater collected in the large tanks located outside the guesthouse, which are treated with chlorine and aluminium sulphate. The taps and showers rely on electricity to work, so during power interruptions, hot showers will not be available, but staff will organise for buckets with warm water to be provided.