• From Ella on Family Volunteering

    I had an absolutely eye opening experience, really teaching me about the problems of the world. It also helped to decide my career as I want to make a difference – lawyer (hopefully human rights). I have also fallen in love with the children I met and sponsor a HIV positive child who I am looking forward to seeing again this year.

  • From Eliza on Family Volunteering

    This visit opened my eyes to how other people live. It gave me a new perspective and has encouraged me to travel more.

  • From Alastair on Family Volunteering

    The Nasio Trust changed my views on the consumption or things we take for granted, as well as the use of water & electricity. Also I have benefitted by the ways of the Kenyan children. This has made me a more positive person and created more inspiration in my every day life.

  • From Megan (Trainee Doctor) on Medical Volunteering

    I was astounded by the positivity and energy of these wonderful children. They have so little: the clothes on their back (often dirty and torn), the shoes on their feet, and a roof over their heads which may leak when it rains. Most have horrific pasts, which range from abandonment, to witnessing their parents murder, to HIV infection. And yet they are happy. They lack the possessions and privileges that children from New Zealand are born into, but they live their lives with enthusiasm, friendship and hope.

  • From Jo (Qualified Midwife) on Medical Volunteering

    From the word go we were made to feel welcome and that our being there was really making a difference. The families and guardians I met, whose children attend the day care centres were truly appreciative of the work we did and of Nasios’ ongoing involvement in the area.

    Having previously volunteered with other organisations I was impressed with Nasio from the start. I had the opportunity to meet other members of the team in a ‘before you travel’ meeting and on arrival in Musanda there was a welcome pack ready and waiting for me on my bed. Overall my experience volunteering with Nasio was incredibly positive and I can’t wait to go back!

  • From Faye on Professional Volunteering: Social work, Teaching, Business Management, Construction

    For me the only bad part is leaving! It breaks my heart every time! You always leave a piece – or a large chunk – of your heart in Kenya.

  • From Kate on Gap Year Volunteering

    It hugely shifted my perspective. I am so glad for the experience!

  • From Tessa on Gap Year Volunteering

    It’s an experience and achievement I’ll never forget

  • From Poppy on Volunteering for Schools, Groups & Clubs

    It is really hard to describe how much my trip to Kenya has impacted my life. Having met some of these amazing people I have realised the importance of appreciation of what we have. Not only did my trip leave me with a real sense of accomplishment, but also an increased interest in charity.

  • From Henry (Eton College) on Volunteering for Schools, Groups & Clubs

    Thank you so much I will never forget my Time in Tanzania and Kenya

  • From Margaret B on Volunteering After Retirement

    In September this year I will be making my fourth visit to Kenya to see my sponsored children. I sponsor two girls and one boy and am looking forward to meeting up with them again. It is lovely to actually meet the youngsters and their family and begin to understand their life. Last time I was out in Kenya was 2015, The Nasio Trust were working on their new Medical Centre which is now fully up and running. Each time I go there is always something new to see- the Spirulina project being the most recent. It is good to meet with the staff in the schools to see how important their work is. I think they like to meet with us too! I am lucky to be able to get out to see first hand the work that is being done, and to realise how important our little contributions are to these youngsters.

  • From Kirsty Gouck on Professional Volunteering: Social work, Teaching, Business Management, Construction

    The exposure to real engineering problems was incredibly valuable and working towards improving the quality of life in an area in the developing world was extremely worthwhile. I have not yet decided what engineering discipline I would like to go into but this has reaffirmed my interest in engineering that can be used to solve global problems.