About Volunteering

You can indeed. Book your Kili adventure today at www.climbkilimanjaroforcharity.com and get in touch with our team at info@thenasiotrust.org to arrange a volunteering trip extension.

If you are able to get around without assistance then we want to hear from you, regardless of how mature you might be!

If you contact us before your trip we can advise you on the best things to take over, or if there is a specific need for certain items at that time. We also like to encourage people to take over bubbles, balloons and other small novelties for the children. They also appreciate stationary, and writing & colouring materials.

Simply visit www.sponsorachildinneed.com and you can meet all the amazing children looking for support.

Most definitely not. By sharing your skills (or simply by helping out), you will be helping to empower members of the local community to break the cycle of poverty themselves.

We pride ourselves on being a small and very personal charity. We know all the children we help, and we know their families too. That’s what makes us different. With the Nasio Trust you will see exactly where your money goes. Find out more about what makes us different here.

Absolutely not. Fitness is not a requirement. As long as you are able to get yourself around comfortably without assistance you will be fine.

Don’t worry, all you need is the desire to help the locals and their families.

Very much so. All visits have a huge impact on you and the local families you’ll help, regardless of whether it’s short or long.

We’ll always do our very best to accommodate people with differing needs. If you have health issues and are worried how this will affect your trip please get in contact with our UK team, and we will talk with you about how we can tailor your trip to best suit your needs.