Esme’s Poem Inspired By Her Visit

Esme Thomas (18) was inspired to write a wonderful poem after visiting our projects in Kenya. It has since been published to critical acclaim and compared to the work of WH Auden.

Esme is now going to University to study English with Song-writing.

Esme says: This poem is inspired by my time with The Nasio Trust Charity who help break the cycle of poverty in Kenya. When there I found myself looking for similarities between my life and the community in Musanda. I was able to meet a girl my age named Judith, I saw her strong relationship with music and thought of mine, saw her life and tried to improve it, the best I could. But I felt guilty, my impact was a tiny drop in the ocean, our lives were far from being anything near “In Common”. I hope this poem will raise awareness, help people acknowledge their advantages and encourage them to use that to help others.

You can read her full poem here.

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