Should I worry about crime?

In the main – our visitors experience trouble-free visits. The Nasio Trust is well known and respected in the area – if you are a ‘muzungu’ (European) affiliated to the Trust, then the whole community will have your best interests at heart!

However you should be mindful that you are staying at the heart of a community where many people live their lives in desperate poverty. This can lead to behaviours which are regretful but relatively commonplace, such as low-level thefts of small items. Alcoholism and substance abuse are also common. You should take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover your time in Kenya.

When out and about, keep a close eye on money, phones, cameras etc – it’s best simply to keep these out of sight as much as you are able to. For your own peace of mind, it is sensible to avoid wearing flashy accessories – jewellery, watches, sunglasses – while on placement.

It’s always sensible in any country where you are unfamiliar with the culture/language to observe a ‘buddy-buddy’ system when out and about. Local staff and volunteers are always happy to accompany you to the market/supermarket and can help to make sure you are not tricked into paying more than you should.

Please be aware of conmen (and women!) You may be approached in the street by individuals telling you stories designed to elicit money from you – a classic trick is to ask for ‘sponsorship’ so that they can reach relatives in England/the US etc. Under no circumstances should you give them money or make any promises to do so!

While in the guesthouse, keep money and valuables inside your rooms. There is a safe in ‘Melsa’ room which all guests can use subject to negotiation with the room’s occupants. The Nasio Trust will not be held liable for any loss or damage to property during your stay.

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