Talia’s Story – Life Long Friends

The people we met and worked with whilst out in Kenya were some of the most amazing people I think I will ever meet. Most of the volunteers working at Nasio Trust were originally orphans who the trust supported from an early age and they are now only slightly older than we are.

One of the volunteers, Eunice, is 19 and she works incredibly hard, working for the charity and looking after her 16-year-old sister. Every day she wakes up at 4 in the morning, she cooks food for her sister and washes the clothes, and then walks for an hour to get to Nasio. After work, she has another hour-long walk home, she cleans the house, washes the clothes and cooks dinner.

they are the happiest people, always smiling, singing and being incredibly welcoming

These volunteers are not privileged in any way in terms of material goods, yet they are the happiest people, always smiling, singing and being incredibly welcoming. They have taught me to make the most of what I have and even when I feel like I’ve got too much to do or think that life’s not fair, to remember to think of and support the people around me because caring for and contributing to the happiness of others is so rewarding and more satisfying than the temporary ‘buzz’ you might get from material possessions.

However, I’d say the best thing we have all taken away from the trip is the wonderful and unique friendships we have made – despite the cultural differences and language barriers – making a connection with people who live in such a different world to the one we live in.

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