How will I get around in Kenya?

The Nasio Trust in Kenya undertakes to ensure that appropriate and timely transport arrangements are made for staff and volunteers on charity business. Where volunteers are required to use public transport on charity business (for example, if vehicles are broken or in use elsewhere), the Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring that they are fully briefed as to costs and usage protocols. Volunteers will be given money for fares in advance of travel.

The Nasio Trust does not recommend that volunteers use motorbikes (piki-piki) due to the high rate of accidents associated with these vehicles. If staff/volunteers decide to use piki-piki, they do so at their own personal risk and expense.

For volunteers who are with the charity for standard ten day or two week placements, there should be no need to make personal independent travel arrangements outside of this. Where such an occasion arises, appropriate transport arrangements should be agreed with the Operations Manager and must be paid for in advance by the volunteer/s according to the schedule below (this counts as a personal expense).

Long-term volunteers can request the use of charity owned and leased vehicles for personal use (for example, for a weekend excursion or to undertake a shopping trip to Mumias or Kakamega). Such arrangements must be authorised by the Operations Manager and should be made with the full understanding that vehicles can be requested back for charity use at any time, should they be required. This applies even where long-standing arrangements have been made. In such an instance, payments already made to the charity for use of the vehicle will be reimbursed in part or in full.

No staff member, volunteer or Board member shall use any vehicle owned or leased by the Nasio Trust for personal use without (a) securing the assurance of the Operations Manager that there are no competing business priorities for vehicle use (b) paying the associated costs of using the vehicle (these are listed below). Payments should be agreed and settled in advance of the journey.

Where there are competing priorities for use of a vehicle, the Operations Manager will be responsible for balancing organisational requirements and taking the final decision, liaising with the Project Director as necessary.

Vehicles should be operated by an authorised Nasio Trust driver, who must have a valid Republic of Kenya driving licence. For short journeys within the district where no driver is available, the Operations Manager or delegated member of staff may, at their discretion, nominate a staff member or volunteer to operate the vehicle as long as they have at least two years’ driving experience AND (a) a Republic of Kenya driving licence, (b) a valid UK driving licence (for those here for less than three months) OR (c) an International Driving Licence (over three months). Authorisation to operate Nasio Trust vehicles may be withdrawn at any time by the Operations Manager.

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